Lisa & Craig's "Greedy Gretchen" List

Lisa's great-grandma Shirley had a lot of great sayings that she would frequently use. Some of Lisa's favorites are:

There's no rest for the wicked.

Your house can't be that bad, if the dishes are done and the bed's made.

You wouldn't notice that hem on a galloping horse.

Grandma Shirley also originated the phrase Greedy Gretchen as a way to teach lessons. An example would be: Don't be a Greedy Gretchen! as you were taking four cookies off of the plate for yourself.

The Greedy Gretchen List

Every year, when it is time to come up with Christmas list ideas, family members make available their "want" shopping lists. These shopping lists are known affectionately as the "Greedy Gretchen" list, remembering great-grandma Shirley.

Lisa and Craig's Registry

Lisa and Craig, as a more "mature" couple, find that we are not in need of a lot of the traditional wedding gifts. We have, however, registered at a few places which have some shiny objects that we could not resist registering to receive. We do have a charity, too, that we would like to support for those of you who are leaning in that direction.

The Methow Conservancy is a local Winthrop non-profit organization which is preserving riverfront habitats and easements in the Methow Valley. They are working to preserve the Valley's rural beauty and habitats for the next generations.

As a "foodie" and eternally creative cook, one of Lisa's favorite places to shop is the local Williams-Sonoma store. From yummy biscuit and muffin mixes to high-end appliances, and just about everything in between that a cook will ever need, they have something for everyone.

One of our favorite department stores is the venerable Macy's, which has been in business (in one form or another) since 1843.