Traveling Expands Your Mind

The world is a huge and amazing place. There are so many different parts of the world, and so much history.

It is very easy to assume that the entire world is jam-packed with Pizza Huts and McDonalds restaurants, with clean potable water available at the touch of a shiny silver knob and paved streets connecting us to our friends, neighbors and places of employment. Just a wee bit of travel, however, will show you how truly spoiled we are here in industrialized, capitalist America. There are people who live lives so much different than our own that it is sometimes hard to wrap your mind around it.

Lisa has traveled a lot more than Craig has, but it is an interest that we share. Our honeymoon will be in Hawaii (Craig's first trip there!) and we plan to see a lot more of the world together in the next forty years.

Istanbul, Turkey

This is Lisa's favorite destination, so far. The history of the buildings and the area, as well as the colorful spice market and the unique shopping, did not disappoint -- despite dozens of years of anticipation, from childhood.

Alaska's Glacier Bay

In July, many of the family members (including Lisa & Craig) will be taking a cruise to Alaska to celebrate Lisa's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. We will be a bit too early in the year, alas, to see the Aurora Borealis, but we are looking forward to the trip immensely.