Well, folks, what an amazing and delightful day. THANK YOU all for sharing our wonderful ceremony and the subsequent dinner party.

It really was a bit overwhelming, with all of the love and support and beauty of the day.

Here is a preview of our wedding pictures that our INCREDIBLE photographer, Teri Pieper has posted just to whet our appetites:

AMAZING Photo Preview

We will get more photos up ASAP! (See below for a coupla Maui previews, too!)


Welcome to our Digital Nest

We are a couple of duplicate bridge fiends who met at the bridge tables. We are happy to share our wedding day with you. Please browse around our digital "nest" here for information about our big day!

What's NEW?

A couple of Maui shots:

OverCliff OurView

Our local bridge club held a party for our upcoming wedding:

BridgeCake LisaCraig